Terms and conditions

Payment terms

  • When booking a hunt the customer must pay a deposit of USD 180 in order to confirm the buy and effectuate the booking.
  • A deposit of 30% of the total price must be paid within 10 days from the initial booking or the order will be cancelled without any refund of the paid USD 180.
  • The remaining balance is due 60 days before departure unless otherwise agreed.
  • Reminders are charged a fee of USD 25 and the due amount will be subject to an interest rate of 1,5% per started month.
  • Late payment gives Unique Hunting the right to cancel the order and keep any already paid deposit.
  • Cancellation can be made until 45 days before departure, but does not entail refund of deposit. In some cases a paid deposit can, however, be deducted when rebooking.
  • Cancellation less than 45 days before departure or termination of the hunt before time does not exempt the customer from paying the full price of the hunt. If war, natural disasters or similar situations that makes the hunt impossible occurs less than 14 days before the hunt, the entire paid amount will, however, be refunded.
  • All prices can be changed at any time and are valid for the current season only.
  • Payment must be made in the currency the price is stated in. In case significant fluctuations in the exchange rate in the period between conclusion of the order and departure makes the cost of the realization of the hunt increase compared to the amount paid, the difference is to be paid by the customer.
  • Trophies shot or wounded other than those agreed upon in the order confirmation can be required paid for directly to the outfitter at the destination before departure.


Unique Hunting can provide information about the typical course of a hunt, but it is up to the professional hunter at the destination to plan the details in order to achieve the best hunting result. No claims can be made against Unique Hunting if the experience is not as expected.

If notified well in advance, the outfitter might be able to take into account special wishes from the hunter. Changes requested by the customer may imply additional payment.

Information on accommodation and food is with the reservation that the hunting of certain animals may require sleeping and eating elsewhere than in the specified camp.

Requests for special food and beverages (e.g. in case of allergies or diabetes) must be made well in advance. Substantially higher expenses may require additional payment.

Requests for activities other than those specified in the order confirmation must be discussed with Unique Hunting well in advance and may require additional payment.

Changing which hunters participate in a purchased hunt requires approval from Unique Hunting and additional charges may apply for the administration involved.


After shooting the animals specified in the order confirmation, there might be time left before departure, which the outfitter might offer can be spend hunting other animals (paid for directly to the outfitter) if Unique Hunting is informed well in advance what animals these should be and the required permits to hunt these can be obtained.

Should the hunter contrary to expectations not shoot all animals specified in the order confirmation, any paid trophy fees for the remaining animals will be refunded (however not according to the list price, as the price paid often includes a discount).

Wounded animals will be hunted until they are killed. Should a wounded animal escape, the professional hunter will do everything in his power to find and kill the animal together with the hunter. If the professional hunter finds evidence (such as blood, bone splinters or hair) that the animal is wounded, a trophy fee is to be paid no matter if the animal is found or not.

Unique Hunting recommends letting First Class Trophy handle trophies when possible. If another taxidermist is to be used, this must be told at least three months prior to departure.

Transportation of trophies including export/import is at the hunter’s expense and is his or her responsibility unless responsibility is transferred to e.g. a taxidermist. Unique Hunting is not liable and will not give compensation for any delay or loss of trophies e.g. caused by legislation or transportation problems.

Hunters from countries subject to the CITES treaty (a.k.a. the Washington Convention) must bring a copy of the original CITES permit. Unique Hunting can advise on obtaining the right permits. Obtaining them is, however, the hunter's responsibility. A CITES permit is needed for hunting e.g. lion, leopard, elephant, crocodile, hippo, rhino and all cats and primates.


Unique Hunting is to be informed well in advance whether you wish to rent weapons or bring along your own weapons, and in both cases which weapons. Unique Hunting’s guidance on choice of weapon and caliber should be followed.

Regulations regarding transport of weapons vary from country to country and airline to airline. E.g. a EU firearms passport is required when traveling to or staying in a EU country.

Unique Hunting advises on regulations regarding transport, import and use of firearms and ammunition in the relevant country, but the responsibility is always the hunter’s. When a hunt is ordered, Unique Hunting will send further information about the relevant country.


Your safety is the no. 1 priority of Unique Hunting and our partners at the hunting destinations. It is therefore very important that you always follow the instructions of the professional hunter. Unique Hunting, the outfitter and the professional hunter can not be held responsible for what might happen if you choose to move around on your own.

To the extent permitted by law, we, the aforementioned parties, disclaim any liability for death, personal injury, illness or infection from another person. Similarly, we assume no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to property that occurs during the stay. All insurance is the customer's responsibility. We encourage you to take out cancellation insurance and expect you to have health insurance and travel insurance to cover necessary hospital treatment, transport, etc. Unique Hunting recommends consulting your medical practitioner about the possible need for vaccination or medication at the specific hunting destination.

It is essential that the hunter complies with all laws and regulations, and the responsibility is solely the hunter’s. Unique Hunting advises on important issues and developments at the destination and will, if possible, inform on relevant changes in legislation and precautions. This can be done via phone, mail or email and it is therefore very important that Unique Hunting is provided correct contact information. Unique Hunting stores and uses contact information in accordance with our privacy policy.


Should Unique Hunting have to change or cancel a hunt, the customer will be informed as soon as possible. The customer must send any claims against Unique Hunting in writing and within reasonable time thereafter or the right to any compensation is forfeit. Compensation cannot be claimed if, when ordering, the customer is informed of possible changes, or if a third-party is causing the changes and Unique Hunting could not anticipate or mitigate this.

Unique Hunting must be notified immediately of unforeseen problems or disagreements during the hunt if these cannot be resolved between the customer and our partner at the destination. Otherwise the right to any compensation might be forfeit. One phone call can often solve the problem so don’t hesitate contacting us. We wish to be as helpful as possible.