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Roe deer buck hunt in Jedrzejow




4 Nights


3 Days

Type of hunting:

Rifle hunting

Hunting season:

11/May/2015 to 30/Sep/2015


5 x Roe Bucks

Maximum number of
hunters per trip:


Minimum number of
hunters per trip:


Price 1x1 per hunter:


per observer: 0 USD

About this package

Roe buck hunting season in Poland lasts from May 11th until the end of September.  The best time for roe buck hunting is the rutting season from mid-July to mid-August, when the bucks are most active and move day and night. Also, spring hunts in May can be very successful. Both hide huntings and stalkings can be very effective. 
We hunt from about 4 to about 8 a.m in the morning and from about 5 to 9 p.m. in the evening.
Every hunter is supported by a local stalking guide. 

State area Jędrzejów is located in the south of Poland about 2 hours car drive to the north from the airport and the city of Cracow. The hunting ground has a size of about 10.000 ha and consists mostly of forests devided into small complexes. The rest of the landscape is dominated by fields, frequently with barren areas. They are overgrown with reeds and shrubs. Small ponds and lakes are scattered throughout the area. Those natural conditions provide an ideal habitat for the roe deer.

The most common trophy weight to be expected in this hunting area : 350 – 450 g net

The weapon of choice for roe buck hunting are rifles with at least 6,5 mm caliber. 

See more about the roe-deer-hunting


Hunters live in a hunting lodge in the middle of the hunting grounds. There are two 2-person rooms at the disposal of hunters with one bathroom for both. 
We offer a traditional Polish cuisine. The meals are homemade and served in the dining room. 

Results by chosen criteria

Special trophy pricing

Bucks shot over the hunting limit (the sixth, the seventh, the eighth, etc. bucks) are priced at 420 € each, regardless of the trophy weight.

If you wish, you can also shoot some boars while hunting with us.
Prices for non-trophy wild boars, in €:
up to 29.9 kg                    100.00
from 30.0 kg to 49.9 kg     190.00
from 50.0 kg to 79.9 kg     350.00
from 80.0 kg                      470.00
Wounded boar         210.00

Prices for the shooting of trophy wild boars according to the length of lower tusks, in €:
from 14.0 to 15.9 cm       590.00
from 16.0 to 20.0 cm       710.00 (+17.50 for each mm over 16 cm) from 20 cm                    1410.00 (+21.50 for each mm over 20 cm) 

Package includes

- transport from the airport Kraków or Katowice to the accommodation place on arrival day 
- accommodation in two-person rooms 
- full board
- preparations of the hunting grounds
- hunting organisation 
- transport during the huntings
- preparation and evaluation of trophies
- interpreter and guide
- insurance
- VAT/taxes
- transport from the accommodation place to the airport Kraków or Katowice on departure day 

If the hunters choose the airport Wrocław or Warsaw (instead of Kraków or Katowice) for arrival and departure the extra charge for the transport from and back to the airport amounts to 50 € per hunter 

Package excludes

- Costs of arrival and return (flights, car driving to and from Poland etc.)
- Taxidermy
- Laundry
- Transport of the trophy to hunter’s homeland
- Weapon and ammunition
- Alcoholic drinks

If hunters arrive in their own cars, they are responsible for the whole organisation and costs of arrival/return.

If hunters arrive by plane, they book and pay for their tickets and inform us about the exact dates and hours of arrival and departure, so that the agency can organise transport from (on arrival day) and to the airport (on departure day). 

Clothing & equipment

Mean temperature in the rutting season is 20°C during the day. The temperature may vary by ±10°C. 

You must have clothes for different kinds of weather and bare in mind that it might change quickly. You should have waterproof long boots. Remember to take a hat, a cap and you should be properly protected against mosquitoes and ticks. Take binoculars (zoom at least 8x). Camouflage gear is allowed.

Additional Information

Recommended periods to hunt:

1. From May 11th to May 31st
2. From July 25th to August 10th

The hunters may freely choose the exact time (calendar days) for the 3 days hunting. Preferably if a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) is included but this is not a must.

If not changed of any special reason, the 3 days hunting is going to comprise 6 hunting sessions: 3 outgoings in the mornings and 3 outgoings in the evenings


At the request of the hunters, shooting of a larger number of bucks (over 5) is possible, with extra charge.

Please see under the point: ”Special trophy pricing”


At the request of the hunters, shooting of wild boars is also possible, with extra charge.

Please see under the point: ”Special trophy pricing”