Scientific name:

Capreolus capreolus


What makes it special:

Roe deer belongs to the deer family. They are small deer’s that are able to live in cold climatic conditions. They are found in most parts of Europe and are similar to other members of the deer family.


Recommended caliber:

The weapon of choice for roe buck hunting are rifles with at least 6,5 mm caliber.

Small and swift – A fun and challenging hunt

Hunting a roe deer is no different from hunting any other species in the deer family. Deer hunting however, is not an easy task, they can be very fast.

There are various methods that hunters use to hunt the roe deer.

The method depends on where the hunts are taking place.

Hunting method

Roe Deer hunting is mainly done in three different ways:


The first method is known as stalking.

This method basically involves the hunter tracking the deer and attacking when appropriate. When using this method, it is good to know where the hot spots are.


The second method is using dogs to hunt.

Hunting dogs are usually trained for hunting, therefore, they are able to use their scent to direct the hunter in the direction where the roe deer is.


The third option is blinding.

This requires the hunter to find a spot he can hide and wait for the deer to come in his direction.

The use of dogs is the most preferred method of hunting roe deer’s.

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Know the animal


The roe deer is a very small animal that has a red colored skin, short erect ears and a grey face.

Male roe deer’s have antlers and the female does not.

The males, in most cases hasten the development of antlers by rubbing them on trees.

Roe deer’s are generally light in weight, weighing about 35kg.

This is what enables them to be swift in movement.

It is also an adaptation feature that helps them escape predators.



The deer lives in grassland and woodland regions.

Since they are herbivores, living in woodlands and grasslands gives them access to a lot of food.

It also makes it easier for them to run from predators and camouflage in their environment as a safety measure.



They mainly feed on grass and other vegetative material.

When choosing their food, a roe deer prefers the soft, young and tender parts of the plants because it is easier to chew.



The roe deer has very many predators. Most carnivorous animals living in the same habitat are predators of the roe deer.


Life cycle

This deer has an average life span of about 10 years. They have a 10 month gestation period. They are able to reproduce when they are 16 months old. The fawns are normally abandoned by the adult deer’s if they have been near a human being.



The roe deer is a very territorial animal that does not like to share their space with other same sex roe deer’s. However, it is possible for the female and male territories to overlap.

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Animal Facts


Up to 35 Kg.


Shoulder height




Woodland or grassland regions.



Plants that is young and tender.



Carnivorous animals that lives in the same habitat as the roe deer’s


Life cycle

10 years

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