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Red deer stag hunt in Turawa




5 Nights


5 Days

Type of hunting:

Rifle hunting

Hunting season:

21/Aug/2014 to 28/Feb/2015


2 x Red Deer Stag

Maximum number of
hunters per trip:


Minimum number of
hunters per trip:


Price 1x1 per hunter:


per observer: 0 USD

About this package

The most precious game in Europe is red deer. The red deer stag hunting-season in Poland lasts from August 21st until the end of February. 

During the rutting season in September and in the beginning of October we hunt in a very picturesque setting. 
There are many forests and meadows, and the rutting season makes for an incredible show, such as stags that are fighting for hinds. The largest and the strongest stags with huge antlers are the winners. They have large families and their offspring inherit the strongest genes. 
We hunt every day, starting one hour before dawn (around 4:30 in the morning), until full dawn (around 8 o’clock) and in the evening (5:00 – 9:00 p.m.).
We chase the animals on foot, we watch the rutting game, we hear stags calling and sometimes we see the fights of the largest and strongest ones. 

The weapon of choice for deer hunting is rifles with 2000J of kinetic energy of the bullet after 100 metres.

See more about the red-deer-hunting


Hunters live in a small hotel with excellent catering around 5 km from the shoot. One of the perks is the delicious traditional European cuisine. 

Results by chosen criteria

Special trophy pricing

This package includes up to 2 red deer stags per hunter, with a trophy weight up to 5 kg.

In case of shooting a red stag with a trophy weight of over 5 kg, the hunter pays the surplus in accordance with the trophy price list.

If only one stag has been gained, the price is reduced by 1295 €
If no stag has been gained, the price is reduced by 2530 €

Prices for red stags according to the trophy weight in €:
up to 1.99 kg                       420.00
from 2.00 kg to 3.49 kg      1020.00
from 3.50 kg to 4.99 kg     1250.00
from 5.00 kg to 5.99 kg 1370.00 (+  4.00 for each 0.01 kg over 5 kg)      
from 6.00 kg to 6.99 kg 1770.00 (+  6.30 for each 0.01 kg over 6 kg)        
from 7.00 kg to 7.99 kg 2390.00 (+11.60 for each 0.01 kg over 7 kg)           
from 8.00 kg             3550.00 (+16.70 for each 0.01 kg over 8 kg)        

Spike stag – shot or wounded 270.00
Stag – wounded                           700.00             
Red deer – hind or calf                 100.00
Roe – doe or calf                                 60.00

Package includes

- transport from the airport Wrocław or Katowice to the accommodation place on arrival day

- accommodation in two-person rooms

- full board

- preparations of the hunting grounds

- hunting organisation

- transport during the huntings

- ceremonial gamebag with appointment of the king of the shoot and other prize winners

- preparation and evaluation of trophies

- interpreter and guide

- insurance

- VAT/taxes

- transport from the accommodation place to the airport Wrocław or Katowice on departure day

If the hunters choose the airport Kraków for arrival and departure the extra charge for the transport from and back to the airport amounts to 50 € per hunter

Hunters receive copies of protocols of shot game. The protocols are the basis for financial settlements and payments. 

Package excludes

- Costs of arrival and return (flights, car driving to and from Poland etc.)
- Taxidermy
- Laundry
- Transport of the trophy to hunter’s homeland
- Weapon and ammunition
- Alcoholic drinks

If hunters arrive in their own cars, they are responsible for the whole organisation and costs of arrival/return.
If hunters arrive by plane, they book and pay for their tickets and inform Huntpol about the exact dates and hours of arrival and departure, so that the agency can organise transport from (on arrival day) and to the airport (on departure day). 

Prepayments are not recoverable if resignation is notified later than 7 days before the start of the hunt.

Clothing & equipment

In Poland, mean temperature in September is 13°C during the day. The temperature may vary by ±15°C. 

You must have clothes for different kinds of weather and bare in mind that it might change quickly. You should have waterproof long boots made of leather. Remember to take a hat, a cap, gloves and you should be properly protected against mosquitoes and ticks. 

Take binoculars (preferably 8x50). If you can also take your own shooting sticks (unless the leader has ones you can use). Camouflage gear is allowed.

Additional Information

Recommended period to hunt: from September 5th to September 30th.

The hunters may freely choose the exact time (calendar days) for the 5 days hunting. Preferably if a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) is included but this is not a must.

If not changed of any special reason, the 5 days hunting is going to comprise 10 hunting sessions: 5 outgoings in the mornings and 5 outgoings in the evenings

In numerous cases there is a possibility to shoot more than two stags per hunter. This point is subject to final agreement with the hunters.

Every hunter is supported by a local stalking guide whose task is also to help the hunter with the choice of the stags to be shot. Though, the only one who makes decision on shooting is the hunter himself.