Scientific name:

Phasianus colchicus


What makes it special:

The pheasant is similar to a small rooster and a typical game bird that has a multitude of colors. Most pheasants are specifically bred to be hunted and are usually being hunted in cooperation with a gundog used to flush out the game.


Recommended caliber:

When going hunting for any kind of bird that has the ability to take flight, its best to choose a light weight shotgun.

A 20 millimeter gauge is deemed sufficient. 

Pheasant hunting – Tips and information

The pheasant is rather good at hiding, especially in bushes and in long grass areas. A good bird dog is necessary for flushing out the birds. However in the event that a dog is unavailable, flushing the bird to and from another hunter is something that actually works. This is achieved by walking in a zig zag motion and driving them up a hill, where another hunter will be waiting.

Hunting method

Choosing an ideal hunting place is imperative. As expected they flock in water areas during dry season and are easily found all year round in abundance at morning or late in the evening. Ensure that you are on guard every time. This simply means that the barrel should be in your hands, both hands holding it where you can easily turn off the safety and shoot.

Listen for signs of movement and be ready to shoot fast or the game bird could disappear. It’s a known fact that pheasants let down their guard at the beginning of the cold wet season. This is the best time to track them down.

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Know the animal


The pheasant is similar to a small rooster and is a typical game bird that has a multitude of colors. It has a red face and a white ring on its neck. The male has a colorful feather shade that integrates copper and gold plumage. The female is a dull brown color which enables it to blend in well with the surroundings. The pheasant has a long and pointy tail.



The bird tends to be in agricultural areas for easier forage of seeds and insects. They tend to hide in long grass or bushy areas with hedges. They are mostly near woodlands that have a significant amount of undergrowth. At times especially during the dry season, they occupy wetlands. However they prefer fields that have bushy covers



The main diet of the pheasant compromises of grains, seeds and insects. At times they eat fresh soft shoots of plants 


Foxes, Raccoons and human hunters.


Life cycle

A Pheasant rarely dies of old age, averagely they have a lifespan of less than a year.

This is due to the fact that many pheasant are specifically bred to be killed.



Because of its constant forage in the fields for grains, the pheasant tends to be seen as lazy, walking and running away from danger rather than flying. Hunting this bird can be particularly frustrating as it tends to be extremely silent and flushing them out is more difficult than other game birds. 
Males establish harems of females as big as dozens of female birds. This in turn makes them territorial, which leads to fights between males. The crowing of the male pheasant can be heard miles away. The female pheasant lays about 15 eggs in grass cups and incubates them with no help from the male. A young pheasant is able to fly after two weeks, but stays under the care of the female for seven weeks.

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Animal Facts

Weight and size

Males: 1.2 kg

Females: 0.9 kg



60 to 90 cm from the tail to the head



agricultural areas.

long grass and bushy areas.

Woodlands that have a significant amount of undergrowth.



Grains, seeds and insects.



Foxes, raccoons and humans.


Life cycle

They live on average, less than a year.

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