Scientific name:

Ovis orientalis


What makes it special:

The male mouflon always has curved horns, however the females can either be horned or polled.

Before the onset of autumn, male Mouflons fight for dominance, thus determining access to females (ewe) for mating.


Recommended caliber:

Common calibers preferred in hunting the mouflon include the 30-06 and .308 calibers.

Mouflon hunting - Sheep hunting

Though they are typically found in ranches and farm lands, the ranches are big enough to give you the feeling of hunting in the wild. Mostly found in mountainous regions, the hunting experience involves travelling by a four wheel drive and finishing the hunt by foot.

Hunting method

The hunt involves a lot of stalking and preying.

The fact that the mouflon is mostly living in highly vegetative hills and found typically within a cold climate, a hunter would do well to wear layered clothing with wind breaker to keep the cold at bay.

Shooting range of about 220-380 yards is recommended. This is mainly because that the mouflon reacts fast when approached by man. Nevertheless being territorial animals means that in the event that they are shot and only wounded, they react by charging at the assailant and can cause terrible wounding.

Best way to hunt a Mouflon is by shooting it at the upper chest area, just about the fore limbs where the heart and lungs are located. This will guarantee an instant kill without worrying if it’s dead or not. It will also do minimal damage to the animal’s skin and thus giving you an intact trophy to take home.

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Know the animal


The mouflon is a red/brown animal with a short haired coat which thickens in the winter and thins considerably in the summer. It has dark spotting’s that interchanges with a brown coloration throughout its body.

The mouflon has distinctive horns that curve almost to a length of 90cm. Though predominantly white faced, it has a dark streak patch that extends from its throat to its underside and ends at the upper part of the legs. The back side of the Mouflon is white with a dark tail. The lower legs of both the male and female are white, with white hooves.



The typical and natural habitat of the mouflon is steep mountainous regions preferably with lots of vegetation. During the winter they migrate to lower altitudes to keep warm.



The diet consists of shrubs, fruits and grass.



The main predators of the mouflon include wolves, bears, Jackals and Leopards.


Life cycle

Gestation period of the female lasts five months in which they produce one or two offspring’s.

The male reaches sexual maturity at the average age of four years, but due to hierarchy they usually have to wait longer to mate.

Their life expectancy averages about ten years in captivity, while in the wild it is much less as they normally don´t die of old age.



Mouflon have a peculiar habit of fighting to establish hierarchy. They participate in intersexual competition and fight to prove their dominance for mating rights during the rut season.

Females have also established such a hierarchy and therefore can wait for up to four years before they have a chance to mate, especially so if there is a numerous number of ewes. This leads to a small percentage of bearing females at any given time.

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Animal Facts

Weight and size

Males: About 50kg

Females: About 35 kg


Shoulder height

Roughly 0.9m



Steep mountainous regions



Shrubs, fruits and grass



Depending on the habitat, wolves, bears, Jackals and Leopards.


Life cycle

They live about ten years in captivity

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