Scientific name:

Alces alces


What makes it special:
They prefer long grass when grazing, this is because their height prevents them from lowering their bodies too much.


Recommended caliber:

The recommended caliber is anything above a .270 caliber.

Moose hunting – Big game, deer hunting

The Moose is the largest species of deer in the world and easy to recognize on their very long faces with dangling muzzles. They are very vocal in the rut period and hunting them throughout this season will help you locate them easier.


Hunting method

The moose usually stays close to water sources and there are two main techniques that are used for hunting this animal. First there is the still form of hunting, this is a hunting method that requires the hunter to take advantage of the wind and environment to silently stalk the animal. The best time to use this method is immediately after there has been a heavy downpour in the area. Because at this time, the leaves will be soaking wet and there will therefore be less noise created when a hunter steps on leaves and twigs.


The other hunting method used is the stand method. This method of hunting requires the hunter to stay in a specific place, a place where the moose cannot detect his/her presence and then wait the moose out. Both methods require a hunter to scout an area before hand in order to pick out the perfect location. Things like fresh droppings and freshly eaten bushes can help you decide whether it’s a good area or not. See our finest moose hunting package here at

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Know the animal


A moose is very tall, approximately the size of a large horse, but sometimes they are even bigger. The ears of this animal are long and it has humped shoulders. The head is elongated and it has a flab of skin on its throat. It also has a dangling muzzle on the chin. The animal has dark brown skin and very large antlers which can extend up to 6 feet for a bull. They do not have the greatest eyesight, but they have excellent hearing abilities. The moose is also the largest animal in the deer family.



Moose like to stay in swampy areas or mixed forests, this is because these areas have plenty of food, but the location of the moose is also determined by seasonal changes.



Moose are herbivorous animals that feed on vegetation, they prefer to feed on young plants and aquatic vegetation, which they find in swampy areas.


They do not have a lot to fear because of their large size. Most of the predators go for smaller animals or calves. The main predators of the moose are bears and wolves.


Life cycle

A moose has a gestation period of 280 days, after which it gives birth to one or two calves during the spring season. At birth, the claves weigh around 14 kilograms and they grow really fast, on the fifth day, they are able to outrun a human being. These calves stay with their mother until the next mating season.



The moose is not a social animal. The only time these animals come together is during the mating season and when the mother is teaching the calves different things before the next mating season. The animals stay in solitude the rest of the time.

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Animal Facts

200-725 kg.


Shoulder height

1,4-2,1 m.



Swampy areas and mixed forests.



The moose is an herbivorous animal that mainly feeds on leaves, grass, shoots and aquatic vegetation.



Bears and wolves


Life cycle

15-20 years

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