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Lion 9+ years with black and very long mane


South Africa


5 Nights


5 Days

Type of hunting:

Rifle hunting

Hunting season:

all year around


1 x Lion

Maximum number of
hunters per trip:


Minimum number of
hunters per trip:


Price 1x1 per hunter:

37325 USD

per observer: 625 USD

About this package

We offer the best lion trophies in the world! The South African Kalahari lion.

This package includes a male lion 9+ years with a very long and black mane.

Lions here are of a captive breed and the best genes is selected over many years in order to produce the highest quality trophies. Although the lions are a captive bred they are still very wild, with one exception, they have lost their fear for humans and are thus very dangerous. The lions we hunt are in a fenced area of about 5000 hectares and we track the lions on foot. It is one of the most exciting adrenaline filled lion hunts you can do.

We have many years of professional hunting experience in Africa. Our professional hunters are superb trackers and our knowledge of the African bush and animals are outstanding. Practical experience of the African bush is always the best teacher. We also love to share all of our experience and knowledge with other people.

Come and join us for a truly unforgettable experience and let the spirit of Africa fill your heart and make you a part of her.

We recommend the Kalahari Lion hunt in the period from start May until the end of September.

See more about the lion-hunting


You will be staying at our hunting lodge with an all inclusive accomodation.

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Special trophy pricing


Package includes

• 1 x Male Lion 9+ years old

• 5 nights 

• Full accommodation 

• Licenced PH, Trackers, skinners and hunting vehicles

• Trophy fee for a typical lion as per photograph

• Legal Hunting permits from Nature Conservation

• Hunting on a 7000ha farm in the kalahari near the town of Vorstershoop, in the most Northern part of south Africa and close to the Botswana border

Package excludes

• All international flights 

• Taxidermy 

• Transport of the trophy 

• Weapon and ammunition 

• Rifle license 

• Hunting license

Clothing & equipment

• Comfortable hunting clothes. 
• Comfortable hunting shoes. 
• 1x Warm Jacket. 
• 1x Light jacket. 
• Gloves and hat or cap. 
• Sunglasses and sunscreen. 
• Binoculars and flashlight. 
• Insect repellent. 
• Personal medication

Additional Information

Charter flights are available from Pretoria at $4000 in Cessna 402 or 421