Scientific name:

Crocutta crocutta 


What makes it special:

They are known to kill their challengers of wild dogs in a single bite, their jaw and teeth are strong enough to crush bones. The young ones are born fully developed and are able to wear down and dismember their catches soon after birth.


Recommended caliber:

The recommended caliber for is the 7 mm. for rifle. Others that work just as efficiently include the 300 WSM and the .300 min or a .275 min. caliber rifle.

The Spotted Hyena - Facts about hunting hyenas

Though viewed as lazy animals, the spotted hyenas are the exception of their species, as they actively hunt for themselves. Especially the females are known for their success in driving other predator animals like leopards and lions. They have sharp carnassial teeth which allows them to actively hunt their own prey. They have the ability to eat and store food in their stomachs, which they can save for later use.

Hunting method

They have advanced senses, keep this in mind when approaching it during a hunt.

To be assured of an instant kill, aim for a frontal shot at the exact place where the throat joins the body.

Because of its tough coating, the recommended shooting range is 50 to 100 yards. At any time, you should not approach a wounded hyena, as it will attack you. If you are unsure, shoot it a second time.

Being able to actively hunt other animals, they are fast on their feet, shoot at it when the first opportunity avails itself, waiting would only put distance between you and the kill.

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Know the animal


They have a sturdy build, it is spotted and has well-developed forelimbs. It has shorter hind limbs which explain the backward sloping and its walking habits. They have a broad head with a short blunt snout.

The center back has a yellowish appearance. With age they lose most of their spotting’s and takes on an overall brown color. The facial proportions are short and centered.



They prefer open wooded areas, semi desert conditions and open savannah areas. They largely depend on water as a part of their diet, thus they are usually found near water sources.



As they are scavengers, their diet consists of carcasses of animals including zebras, deer, and antelope. Nonetheless the spotted hyena is the only hyena species that actively hunt for its food. It also supplements its diet with various fruits. Because of its unique digestive tract, they can also feed on termites without having adverse effects. 



They do not run from a fight, which means that they have very few predators. They include lions and leopards, if they can outnumber them.


Life cycle

The gestation period is 110 days. The males are usually sexually active after 24 months of age while the females are at 36 months of age. The females have only two tits and thus can only give birth to two cubs at a time. The spotted hyena has an average lifespan of 12 years.



The females usually dominate the males. Just like many other animals, they are territorial and they produce large secretions from their anal glands for territorial markings. Though usually viewed as dirty scavengers, they are actually quite clean and they lick clean their genitals and every part of their body with the exception of their face. Unlike other species of hyenas, the spotted hyena defends itself during attacks rather than running away. They are very vocal animals and produce a wide range of sounds including yells, groans, giggles, whines and laughs. They only break their territorial grounds during hunts and they always hunt in packs.

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Animal Facts


Males: up to 68 kilograms

Females: up to 75 kilograms


Shoulder height

81 cm.



Open wooded areas, semi desert conditions and open savannah areas



Zebras, deer and antelopes among others



Lions and leopards can be predators, if they can outnumber them.


Life cycle

Average lifespan: 12 years

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