Scientific name:

Vulpes vulpes


What makes it special:

Foxes belong to the dog family.

However, the fox has some features that are quite different from the domestic dog. These are: a bushy tail, pointed snout and triangular shaped erect ears. The most common species among the foxes is the red fox.

Many hunters also prefer hunting this particular species of the fox.


Recommended caliber:

The recommended caliber for hunting foxes is 223caliber bullets with soft points.

Information and tips on hunting the fox

There are species of fox in almost all parts of the world.

The most common and popular fox is the red fox.

Hunting of foxes does not vary very much in different countries. The methods used are similar in most parts of the world. However, to hunt a fox, a hunter needs to be mentally and physically prepared since foxes are known to be quite cunning. Preparation is the key to a successful hunt.

Hunting method

There are different ways that a hunter can attack and put down a fox. The most commonly used method is blinding. This method requires the hunter to watch out for the fox as he waits in a hidden area so that he can attack by surprise.


There is also the stalking method in which the hunter goes out into the woods to look for the fox, tracking it down.

Stalking is the most preferable way to hunt for foxes

The blinding method is not as reliable as stalking because the hunter has to wait for the fox to move in his direction in order for him to attack. This may take a lot of time and might not even happen.

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Know the animal

Foxes are small animals that resemble the domestic dog, but have some features that make it simple to differentiate between them and local dogs. First and foremost, the fox is smaller in size compared to the domestic dog. The ears of the fox are also pointed and have a triangular shape. Another major difference is the fact that the fox has a bushy tail.



Foxes are adapted to living in various kinds of environments, but are mostly found in urban regions.



Foxes are omnivorous animals. They prefer to eat vertebrates like reptiles and invertebrates like insects. However, it is possible to find them eating eggs and plant material.



Foxes have different predators depending on the habitat they live in. however, the main predators are bobcats and the lynx, because in most cases, they tend to live in the same environments as the fox.


Life cycle

They tend to reproduce once every year, during the spring season. There gestation period is 48-58 days.

Foxes are known to be very monogamous. However, amongst some few species of fox polygamy is a normal thing. A pregnant female fox can give birth to a maximum of 13 cubs.

A fox can live up to 10 years, but because of road accidents, hunting and diseases they normally live for approximately 2-3 years.



Foxes like to stay outside, especially when it’s not the breeding season. However, they seek shelter when the climatic conditions are too harsh for them.

Foxes are also known not to live together in large packs. They only move in small groups led by a male fox. When there is excess food, foxes tend to bury the remaining food to eat later.

Foxes also have a tendency to camouflage well with their environment as a way of protecting themselves from predators.

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Animal Facts


Up to 8.7 kg


Shoulder height

16 inches



Foxes has adapted to living in various kinds of environments, but are mostly found in urban regions



Foxes are omnivorous; they mostly live of plant parts and smaller animals.



Lynx and Bobcats are the main predators since they in most cases live in the same habitats as the fox.


Life cycle

2-3 years

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