Scientific name:

Rangifer tarandus


What makes it special:

Caribou is a name used to refer to any animal belonging in the species Rangifer tarandus.


Recommended caliber:

A 25 caliber rifle

Caribou Hunting – The Reindeer

In North America, this animal is referred to as the reindeer. They migrate in large numbers as the climate changes. During their migration, the females go ahead of the males. Later, the males follow with the calves.

Hunting method

There are different hunting methods that are used to hunt caribou depending on the location. However, the most popular method of hunting is the creation of fences. This involves the hunters making fences from available materials such as rocks. The fences are usually a lot of kilometers long in order to enhance the effectiveness of the method. Once, the fence has been put in place, it is the job of the hunters to lure the pack into the fence. This makes it very easy for them to hunt them down since they have limited areas to run to. Today, this traditional way of hunting has been done away with since most hunters today prefer using a rifle to take down the animal. This is because traditional ways of hunting seemed to take a lot of time and effort. However, in general hunting of caribou requires one to be very tactful in order to succeed.

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Know the animal


Caribous are large sized animals that are brown in color when it is summer. The color of their skin changes to grey in the winter seasons. The rump and tail of this animal is white in color. The belly part of their body is pale compared to the other parts of their body. Caribou male and females have antlers. However, the male antlers are far more complicated and shed after the rut. The female antlers on the other hand are simple in appearance and are kept until the summer season. This is one of the characteristics that are used to distinguish between female and male caribou.



Since the caribou is an herbivorous animal, it is found in grassland and forest regions. One of the most popular places to find a herd of caribou is the tundra in North America. This forest is suitable for the caribou because there are plenty of green fields to feed on. In most cases, the herd migrates due to a shortage of food. The female caribou go first followed by the males and the calves.


Caribou mainly feed on anything that is green in color and is in the plant family. Some of the things a caribou may feed on include; grass, mosses, lichen, twigs, herbs and sedges. In the winter, the caribou digs through the snow using its hooves in order to uncover lichen to feed on.



The caribou is a commonly sought after animal. For a long time, a lot of hunters have enjoyed eating the meat of this animal. The animal is also in danger in its own habitat. This is because of the presence of the wolf and bear that also preys on it.


Life cycle

They have a life cycle of around 10 years. Caribous have a gestation period of 24 days after which a calf is born. The calf can weigh anything between 3-12kg. The calves can walk after birth once a few hours have passed.

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Animal Facts


Around 380kg



1.7m in shoulder length



The caribou is mainly found in North America in the tundra and taiga. However, it is also possible to find these animals in some parts of Idaho.



The caribou or reindeer is a herbivorous animal. This animal only feeds on grass and leafy plants.



Bears and wolves


Life cycle

Around 10 years

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