Scientific name:

Ammotragus Lervia


What makes it special:

They are native to the North African Rocky Mountains.  Even when domesticated they can be dangerous during the rut season as they are very territorial animals.


Recommended caliber:

The recommended caliber for hunting the Barbary sheep successfully includes the .270 with 30 caliber bullets and a .375 magnum.

Barbary sheep hunting – Sheep hunting

The Barbary sheep is an extremely agile animal that can jump a distance of two meters from a standing position. As they are only found in rocky open areas with almost no concealment available, approaching the animal undetected can be very difficult. 


Hunting method

When sensing danger the Barbary sheep will take off in high speed and a chase is almost impossible because of the rocky terrain. They are known to travel constantly and using a hunting blind or stand will lessen your chance of a successful hunt as they almost never revisits the same place. The only time this will work is during the rut season if you are able to attract a lone solitary male by using an estrus soaked rug. If a Barbary sheep spots a hunter who isn’t too close, it will usually freeze and stay put for a few minutes hoping to go undetected. This is a great opportunity to take a shot, aim at the upper part of its chest, just below the neck for an instant kill. 

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Know the animal


Both sexes have long visible hair on their throats, which extends down to the chest area on adult males. Though both sexes have a reddish brown coat, the males coat will darken considerably with age, this makes it easy to differentiate males and females from each other. Their underbellies are lighter and have a creamy white appearance, which extends to the inner parts of their legs. Both sexes have horns with the males having much larger and thicker horns than the females. The horns curve outwards and then backwards and are generally smooth with fine rings that show with age.



They occupy arid mountainous regions and are occasionally found in savannah woodland areas.



They are predominantly herbivorous and they eat grass, bushes and lichens. They obtain much of their dietary liquid needs through the food that they eat, however they drink large amounts of water when it is available. 


Predators of the Barbary sheep include lions, leopards and caracals.


Life cycle

The gestation period is at 160 days after which 1 to 3 offspring are born with the females being able to give birth twice a year. Weaning of the young takes place after they reach the age of four months. Sexual maturity is reached after 18 months, but young males will have to wait because of existing dominant males. A barbary sheep can live for up to 20 years in the wild.  



They are nocturnal animals, being active in the late afternoon and early mornings and they rest throughout the day. Unlike other sheep species, the male and female lives separately and only converge once a year during the mating season. Barbary sheep are known to be extremely nomadic in nature moving about as much as possible. They follow seasonal patterns, moving upland in the summer and down valleys to get shelter in the winter. If a sheep senses danger, it will use various calls to alert other nearby sheep.

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Animal Facts

The weight of an adult is between 40 to 140 kilograms, with the males being considerably larger than the females.


Their shoulder height is between 80 to 100 cm



The Barbary sheep occupies arid mountainous regions and is rarely found in savannah woodland areas.



They are predominantly herbivorous animals and they eat grass, bushes and lichens.



Predators of the Barbary sheep include lions, leopards and caracals.


Life cycle

They can live for up to 20 years in the wild. 

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