Scientific name:

Simia hamadryas 


What makes it special:

Though they ar born black they take on a grey coloring during adulthood, which again darkens when they get older. 


Recomended caliber:

The recomended caliber for shooting a baboon are .222, .223 and .270

The calm hunt of the baboon is not easy

The baboon is one of the smallest primates in the world. They form large group dwellings, ranging from 5 to 250 individuals and often form dominant hierarchies through internal fights. Being a relatively small sized animal, a shot placed at the upper chest area causes instant death.

Hunting method

Baboon hunting through stealth and stalking is not recommended. They quickly run away when sensing danger and they can be out of sight in just a few minutes. As they can decide to run away from the slightest noise, laying an ambush is a more viable hunting method. Camouflaging yourself on habitual eating-grounds and resting routes proves more successful.

However, as they can be extremely aggressive animals, going near them, especially when wounded is a bad idea. The recommended shooting range is 50 yards or more.

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Know the animal


The baboon has a dog like muzzle with a powerful jaw and sharp canine teeth which are used for hunting and for defending themselves. They have close set eyes that from a distance can look like they are joined together. They have thick fur all over their bodies, with the exception of the muzzle and buttocks. They also have short tails.



The habitat which they normally occupy is open savannah, hills and open woodlands.



Its diet consists of leaves, insects, fish, hares and birds. At times they even eat sheep and goats.



Predators of the baboon include lions, crocodiles, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs and humans.


Life cycle

The life expectancy of a baboon in the wild is 30 years, while in captivity they can live up to 45 years. The gestation period of a baboon is six months.



Baboons have a set hierarchy system and are confrontational and aggressive in nature. When there is unrest or internal conflict; they are more set on challenging dominance rather than quelling the unrest. As extremely territorial animals, males tend to grab and bite females that wander off from the harem, out of jealousy. During fights infants are sometimes taken as a hostage by the males as a means of protection. Males have to leave their birth group as they get older, females are there for life.

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Animal Facts


Males: 20-30 kilograms

Females: 10-15 kilograms



35-76 centimeter



Open savannah, hills and open woodlands



Leaves, insects, fish, hares and birds



Lions, crocodiles, hyenas, leopards and cheetahs


Life cycle

Lifespan: up to 45 years in captivity

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